Resources for your Transition from Military to Civilian Life


Support from the USO doesn’t end when you leave the military. The USO Pathfinder program extends the USO experience to you and your family as you transition from military service and settle into your new civilian community.

USO Scouts are transition specialists who offer one-on-one support to help you and your family create a plan for what’s next. Scouts assist you in developing a personalized Action Plan based on your specific timeline and focused on your personal and professional goals. The Action Plan will assist in discovering resources in your future community that will help make your transition successful. You can access your Action Plan via the USO’s Action Plan mobile app to communicate with your Scout, update your plan, and connect with resources in your new community.


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In 2015, the USO formed a strategic partnership with RP/6, a Washington State-based organization dedicated to connecting transitioning service members and their families to opportunities in the private sector after military service. The partnership integrated the best-in-class model of the RP/6 transition mission across the USO enterprise. RP/6 fully integrated with the USO in January 2017, to form the USO Transition Mission Strategic Business Unit. Visit to learn more.

On the path forward to your next objective

The SCOUT Program is a series of progressive steps to help you realize your goals, then acheive them.



Using a series of questions to better understand the starting point and the goals of each person we serve, taken either in person or as part of a revolutionary, cloud-based intake system, each individuals situation will be assessed to establish an Action Plan.



Together, the Scout and transitioning individual will develop a personalized Action Plan that considers not only their personal areas of focus, but well-being of their family, their eligibility for certain programs or benefits, and the best service options available.



As an individual moves through the Action Plan, the Scout works to connect them with a “best fit” from among the USO partner organizations, track their progress and maintain focus on the final goal: successful transition and integration into their new community.



Once a connection has been made between a partner organization and the service/family member, the Scout continues to communicate with all parties to validate that services are provided, quality standards are met, and that each individual meets their objectives.

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Identify the Route to Your Objective

With the help of your personal SCOUT, define your route to successful transition.



of Transitioning Service Members seek resource connections in more than one area



of those served by USO are successfully connected to trusted resources resulting in a successful transition


coordinated partner organizations in the USO network, and counting!

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- George Washington