Biography of RallyPoint/6 SCOUT – Brandon Wingington

Brandon M. Wigington has been part of the military community since birth, as well as a family that has a very diverse military background, spanning every branch of the United States Armed Forces.  Brandon was the son of a Marine, and grew up on several military installations as a child. His family eventually settled in Washington State where Brandon spent the majority of his school age years. Almost immediately following his high school graduation, Brandon left for the U.S. Army as a Combat Engineer, and spent some time as a Watercraft Engineer at the end of his military service as well.
While serving in the U.S. Army, Brandon had the privilege of experiencing many new people and places that would have a substantial impact on his life forever. Upon exiting the military, Brandon returned to Washington State to pursue his degree in Business Administration. Because of his life experiences involving the Armed Forces, Brandon has devoted much of his career to the service of veterans. Over the course of several years, Brandon has been either employed or partnered with organizations such as the Department of Veteran Affairs, The American Legion, and currently with Workforce Central and Rally Point 6.
Brandon Wigington has a well-rounded understanding of the challenges that many veterans face. Much of this understanding comes from his own experiences, as well as his close proximity and service to other veterans he has worked with through the years. Brandon believes that there is no one more deserving of assistance than a U.S. Veteran. If a service member or a veteran refuses to give up on themselves, Brandon will never give up on them either.