Digital Skills on the Path Forward:  
Mozilla RP/6 Web Literacy Skills Training

Technology is increasingly a necessity of everyday life from accessing the daily weather forecast to updating in real time patient medical records. In the near future, all jobs will be digital jobs.


In preparation, join Mozilla and RP/6 to learn new and enhance existing web literacy and project management skills that will improve your opportunities to compete for 21st Century jobs.    


Training will be interactive, participatory, and connected to real-world opportunities. You’ll leave with such core literacy skills needed for any digital jobs:


  • How to use the web to create and share work documents, including resumes.
  • How to create interactive web pages.
  • How to use GitHub, a web-based tool for project management.
  • How to use the web to improve collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and rigor in the workplace.


In addition, workshop participants will have an opportunity to discuss the skills needed for entry-level developer, designer, and IT support jobs with Mozilla staff.

Your Take-Aways

Hard Skills

21C Skills





GitHub for Project Management

Web Mechanics





Opportunity to earn core Mozilla web literacy badges

Mozilla Web Literacy Leaders badges

Certificate of Completion of 2-day workshop

An Ongoing Opportunity

Interested participants can also elect to join an in-depth web literacy project-based training cohort piloted by Mozilla and RP/6 that leads to credentialing of Mozilla’s Web Literacy skills includes 21st Century Skills, Web Literacy, and Open Practices.

Now that you have gone to the Job Readiness and the Resume Excellence class, bring in your resume and/or cover letter for a one-on-one with a resume specialist. When you sign up for this course, our resume specialist will contact you to set up a specific time to meet on the allotted day and time frame.

This course is designed to be the 3rd class in a series. The first course is Job Readiness where you receive a packet to assist you in navigating the job searching world and go over the intricacies of job searching. The second course is the Resume Exellence course with Dion McNeely who has years of experience and connections within the community. The third course is a resume clinic where you will have a one-on-one with a resume specialist and will help you finalize your employment once offered the position.