Get Involved

RP/6 is dedicated to providing premier service and resource connections to active military, reservists, veterans of all generations and their families. Please see below for ways to get involved, join the team or donate to RP/6:

  • Support RP/6 – RP/6 specializes in connecting service members, veterans and their families to targeted resources that utilize a coordinated network approach to provide high-quality service and meet objective goals on the path forward. Donating to RP/6 enables capacity growth, and the facilitation of additional opportunities for transitioning service members, veterans and their families.
  • Sponsor a SCOUT– Be part of the solution empowering veterans’ seamless transition to the community and civilian life by sponsoring a RP/6 Pathfinder Fellow or SCOUT dedicated to serving service members, veterans and military families across the continuum of services offered through the RP/6 mission and vision.
  • Sponsor an Event or Service Project – RP/6 conducts multiple service projects and special events throughout the year in support of military, veterans and their families. With your generosity, we will be able to host additional events focused on convening veterans and military families and spreading awareness and goodwill throughout the community and our partnering non-profits. If interested in sponsoring an event or service project please email Anne Sprute at
  • Sponsor a Space at the Center – RP/6 has a 6,000 sq. ft. facility located in the heart of the South Puget Sound military community dedicated to providing a “green-zone” for transitioning service members, veterans and their families. RP/6 also is establishing satellite locations, which will also serve the mission of connecting our clients to a targeted resource. By sponsoring a space in any of these locations, you provide service members, veterans and their families with added resources enabling them to continue to lead their community forward. Sponsors may request signage and brand recognition on sponsored spaces and events as appropriate. If interested in sponsoring a space please email Anne Sprute at
  • Get Involved & Volunteer – RP/6 thrives on the horsepower provided by the hundreds of community volunteers that have stepped up to provide in-kind support and talent to assist in the daily operations of the center and its respective programs. Please join us on furthering this mission with your support!