RP/6 and Jobaline are working together to serve those who serve our Nation

Lakewood, WA – RP/6, a veteran service organization serving the JBLM and Puget Sound region military community, is partnering with Jobaline, the leading mobile and bilingual cloud based recruiting solution for hourly jobs. During a webinar with employers earlier this week, Jenny Kincade, Director of Customer Success for Jobaline, and Kylee Durant, Chief Operating Officer of RP/6, discussed their partnership and how they are using technology to overcome the difficulty many veterans have with translating their military skills and market themselves to civilian hiring managers to match skills and better connect veterans with local jobs while giving employers more access to these well prepared workers.

Highlights from the webinar were:

Employer-Veteran Partnership

Work Force Readiness Gap/Drift

Hiring Veterans

In demand skills compared to skills in enhanced by military service

Why hire veterans

Translating Military Experience

Matching Veterans with Hard-to-Fill Positions

Dispelling Myths

Employer Best Practices

Managing Onboarding for Veteran Employees

Through working with RP/6’s Employment Team of Kristin Bacque and Adrianna Moore, “Jobaline’s automated screening and matching technology will enable hiring managers to define required skills in their own terms and the software will present that information in both civilian and military terms that are familiar to the employers and veterans.” Kincade.

RP/6 and Jobaline have also developed a careers page on Jobaline’s platform, and there is much more in the works. Check out this webinar on Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/154915164/faa227ceb8.

RP/6 and Jobaline’s partnership is poised to make an impact for employers and jobseekers.  “Veteran hiring is a priority for many companies and we want to bridge the gap to make this connection simpler and more effective for all, towards a winning outcome.” Kincade.