World-Class Military Artist Patrick Haskett presents RallyPoint/6 with two Military Prints

At RallyPoint/6, we’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the most caring, and giving individuals out there. Every day, we have someone walk through our doors, ready to do whatever they need to do for our Veterans. This often comes in the form of volunteering their time, but sometimes, a person walks through our door who just wants to donate a little piece of themselves, in recognition for the great work being done at RallyPoint/6.

Such was the case yesterday, when we got a surprise visit from a truly World-Class Military Artist…Mr. Patrick Haskett. Pat Haskett has been all over the worls photographing, and then reproducing some of the most beautiful prints, highlighting various Unit achievements, as well as capturing some of the most intense Combat Moments.

Here’s a little bit about the artist (from the

Patrick Haskett has been painting military themes since his youth, growing up at Camp Murray, WA, where his father Maj. Gen. George M. Haskett commanded the Washington National Guard. His mother Pearl Haskett, was a noted California painter. Patrick joined the Army right out of High School and served as an official Army Artist in Korea in 1968-69. In addition to his Army duties as an artist , Patrick served on a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) during the hostile period that flared up in Korea in the aftermath of the “Pueblo” capture. Called the “silent war”, this period(1967-69) saw some of the most intense DMZ firefights and insurgencies into South Korea since the truce of 1953, or to this day. The Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal was awarded to Patrick Haskett for his military service in Korea. As a result of his first hand experiences, Patrick has continued to help our soldiers and he strives to capture the spirit of the American warrior in his art.


Haskett has created many official paintings for some of the most prestigious military units in the United States, such as the 14th Combat Engineer BN (the most highly decorated CEB in history); The “Pacific Victors”, Eighth US Army; The “Old Guard”, the oldest Infantry Regiment in the US Army; the 66th Aviation BD, Washington National Guard(largest Aviation BD in US); 2nd Bn, 3rd Infantry Regiment(fighting arm of the old Guard); ODA 151,1st Special Forces Group (Of the famed Devil’s Brigade); and others. Further, Haskett has created Naval art and is represented by the US Naval Institute, at Annapolis.His painting I Am The Guard was selected for the First PlaceMilitary honors, at the American Society of Aviation Artists” Best of the Best “ 2004 National Exhibit at the Air Force Museum,Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio. The painting ” I Am The Guard” was donated by Haskett to the Washington National Guard Museum in honor of Patrick’s father, the late MG George M Haskett.


In 2006 Haskett painted the SFC Paul Ray Smith Medal of Honor Painting “Firefight in the Courtyard which was permanently installed in the entrance to the SFC Paul Smith Counter Bomb Hazards Center at Fort Leonard Wood, May 2007.


Haskett has volunteered his services and art to many military units. He has also participated in the Veterans Administration’s Creative arts Program, helping veteran’s recuperate through art therapy. Since 1996, Haskett has been presented with five National Gold Medals from the Secretary of Veterans Affairs for his art work and efforts to help other disabled veterans. His watercolor “Death Rides a Black Horse”, depicting two Viet Nam vets, was exhibited in the Russell Senate office Building in 2007.


In 2007 a print of Hasketts painting, “Fire Fight in the Courtyard” was presented to the Veterans Services Division of The Puget Sound Veterans Affairs Office, where it is on permanent exhibit in the Henry M. Jackson Federal Office Building, in Seattle, Washington. Haskett’s art prints are exhibited in Coalition Headquarters and several unit FOBS and memorials in Iraq.


Patrick Haskett prefers to donate his painting services to the Combat Art Fund, keeping costs limited to the publishing of prints and making them affordable to the troops.With the support of patriotic companies such as BAE Systems, private individuals, and many wonderful soldiers and volunteers, the Combat Art Fund is able manage the costs to publish prints that are affordable and often donated to those who serve!


Once again, we are very proud to have had these wonderful prints donated, and look forward to displaying them prominently in the RallyPoint/6 building.