RP/6 Mission

“Guiding Service Members, Veterans And Their Families To The Next Objective”

About Our Mission:

For the military, a “RP” or “RallyPoint”, represents a physical point where you can reassemble and reorganize to prepare for actions at an objective; to prepare to reenter friendly lines. The “6” is a term understood: “I’ve got your back”. It also represents a commander’s call sign.


In our case, RP/6 is a convening location in the community where the service member, veteran or family member is connected with community service providers that will assist them on their path forward to the next objective. A place where community meets military and welcomes them to “friendly lines” as they transition and reintegrate into their new opportunity. The support received includes an assessment of each individual’s situation, mentorship and guidance to reaching their next objective. The “6” in RP/6 represents the community now has their back; we all share the collective promise as citizen leaders in welcoming our military and their families home to reach their fullest potential.


RP/6 History:


RP/6 was founded by two veterans who together served in the U.S. Army for over 30 years, both experiencing military transition post 9/11. Driven to solve the disconnect between military service and transition to the private sector, they set out to engage their local community in understanding the potential; and the opportunity in welcoming service members home to their new neighborhoods, community leadership opportunities, entrepreneurism and joining the local workforce in growing the economy. RP/6 is Washington State’s first-of-its-kind, “One-Stop-Shop” answer to comprehensive resources in the private-sector. We are dedicated to providing access to resources and peer assistance for service members, veterans and military families. We are focused on connecting resources and delivering services more efficiently and effectively, while uplifting the human spirit through trusted relationships with peers who understand military service.

What We Do:

RP/6’s culturally competent staff and its partners stand ready to assess, convene and connect service members, veterans and their families to new and existing services in the community that best meet their individual objectives on their path forward. RP/6 has worked diligently to establish a Coordinated Network of public and private service providers that drives efficiency and connection to resources and services. RP/6 currently includes a network made up of over 150 local and national providers from public and private sectors working together through the auspices of a community convening location connected to a larger local and national network ensuring service members’ seamless reintegration. RP/6 is committed to developing a unique answer to better serving our clients by designing a collaborative solution while remaining mindful of the unique characteristics and needs of service members, veterans, military families and the communities we support. RP/6 provides a “no-cost”, “no-wrong door” approach in connecting resources and services to transitioning service members, veterans of all generations and their families as they move to and lead our community’s nation-wide.



Who We Are:

Our team is comprised entirely of prior-service and military family members committed to connecting real-time, barrier-free, outcome-based resources for those who have served. Our team is trained to become experts in our “guiding principles”, which creates a safe, client-centric environment. By utilizing innovative programming and national networks at no-cost for service members, veterans and their families, we are able to facilitate a smooth landing in their life’s next mission.