RP/6 Partnership Highlight: Hire Heroes USA


          One of RP/6’s primary focuses is to connect service members, veterans, and their families to resources that assist them in finding meaningful employment. Successfully doing so wouldn’t be possible without our partnership with Hire Heroes USA.

          Hire Heroes USA’s mission is to empower “U.S. military members, veterans, and spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce.” The organization provides free employment assistance services to its clients, including resources to launch a job search, career coaching, workshops, and access to the Hire Heroes USA Job Board. Trained Veteran Transition Specialists support each individual in their career search from the very start and up until they have found the right match with a great company. Both RP/6 and Hire Heroes USA are members of the USO Transition 360 Alliance, which brings together organizations that are dedicated to assisting service members and their families as they transition from military to civilian life.

          Hire Heroes USA has been an incredible asset to individuals who come to RP/6 looking for employment assistance. A vast majority of individuals who come to RP/6 for help finding a job are referred to Hire Heroes USA. “Our partnership with Hire Heroes USA is a huge asset to those we serve,” said Kristin Bacque, RP/6’s Director of Employment. “Within minutes of a referral, Casey McEuin and Kristina Pressley, two amazing team members at Washington’s Hire Heroes USA, connect with the individual to introduce themselves and provide information about how they will work together to find successful employment.”

          When Justin B., a U.S. Army veteran, came to RP/6 for employment assistance, a Scout connected him with Hire Heroes USA. “All around my experience with Hire Heroes USA was exceptional. Kristina Pressley, my Veteran Transition Specialist, was very helpful and informative. She was quick to get my resume together and wasted no time in returning it to me finished and ready to send to employers. She even went out of her way to make sure I found a job and to check on how it was going.” Thanks to Kristina’s assistance, Justin B. now has a job he enjoys that’s in the field he wants to be in.

          RP/6 is so grateful for the hard work and support that everyone at Hire Heroes USA dedicates to service members, veterans, and spouses. It is through partnerships like this one that RP/6 is able to connect service members, veterans, and their families to resources that assist them on their path forward. Thank you Hire Heroes USA!