Veterans Resources at the push of a button

Are you looking for Veterans Resources, but are having a little trouble making it into our offices?

RallyPoint/6’s services are now available at the push of a button. Our online registration process makes it easy for Veterans, members of the Armed Forces and their Family Members to get the Resources that they need.

RallyPoint/6’s Scouts are standing by to provide assistance in lining you up with Resources in the following Core Impact Areas:

– Employment Resources
– Housing
– Education
– Health / Behavioral Health
– Family Strength
– Finance / Legal
– Community Reintegration
– Volunteer Opportunities
– Veterans Benefits

Registration is easy. All it takes is 5 minutes of your time, and you’ll be linked up with one of our Scouts, as they provide assistance on the path forward.

The Registration Button is in the top left of this Blog. Click on it and we’ll get you started.