Moving around on a wheelchair is enough sometimes to help you realize just how little some companies care about mobility-impaired people. The number of spaces that are not prepared with simple and important things as ramps or dedicated access is astonishing. It gets even worse when we speak about some hotels that have a minimum number of rooms with roll-in showers if any. Read on and find out why a portable shower chair can be the solution you were looking for.

What is a portable shower chair?

A portable shower chair is an invention that allows mobility-impaired people to have a proper shower or bath anywhere sitting on their own comfortable chair. They usually come with a roll-on luggage container so that users can take it with them wherever they need to. Most of the models assemble really easily and need minor adjustments making what is sometimes very complicated, utterly simple.

What are the benefits of a portable shower wheelchair?

The benefits of a portable shower wheelchair are too many to list here; let´s take a look at some of the most important ones:

· Simplicity – A portable tub wheelchair is a very easy to use and helpful piece of equipment since it can be put together in a matter of minutes. Modifying a bathroom or paying for a special room is more expensive and much more complicated than using one of these at home or on the road.

· Easy to transport – Most of the models manufactured today can fit into a bag and taken away for a holiday or a short trip. Most of the times, taking your own shower wheelchair is like taking extra traveling insurance.

· Versatility – They are usually universal sizes so they have multiple ways of being tailored to better fit the body of each individual.

· Durability – Most of these portable shower chairs are made to be under water, hence, they are constructed employing 100% water resistant materials.

The Goes Anywhere example

It was Rick Goldstein, a mobility-impaired person himself who found no usable portable tub wheelchair or portable shower chair in the market and felt limited in his frequent travels. With all the first-hand experience and knowledge of having gone through the hassles of mediocre products himself, he set out to build the best portable shower wheelchair possible with everything he would like it to have. The result is the best of its kind in the market. When need fosters invention and first-hand experience guides it, results are usually close to perfect and this is no exception.


Truth is that most airlines and hotels are not helpful on accommodating mobility-impaired travelers and guests. What was thought as a pleasure can turn into a nightmare. A shower chairs that goes anywhere have come to the market to change that once and for all; mobility-impaired people shouldn´t be prisoners in their houses and enjoy freedom as everyone else.